Saturday, 8 November 2008

Bottesini's Gran Duo Concertante


I attended the concert, From Russia with Love, earlier tonight and I simply love Guennadi Mouzyka's rendition of Bottesini's Gran Duo Concertante on the double bass. Also playing this work with him were Alexander Souptel on the violin and Kerim Vergazov on the piano.

Bottesini's Gran Duo Concertante is a technically very challenging work for the double bass. I am greatly inspired by the rendition that I have heard tonight. The harmonics are played with precision, clarity and warmth. The double bass sounds right! I was observing the right-hand technique of the double bass player and doing my best to learn how to strive for such smooth changes from one string to another. I don't know how to describe how inspiring the rendition was, but I can say that I was listening attentively every moment of the work.

What I am inspired was Guennadi Mouzyka's dedication to the art of playing the double bass. Everything that I have heard during the concert was made possible because of hours of diligent, good practice. Bravo!

I am now more inspired to practise more diligently.