Monday, 15 June 2009

Hong Kong Double Bass Camp 2009

A friend of mine pointed me to this Hong Kong Double Bass Camp 2009. Jeff Bratetich and Bassmen will be conducting the workshop.

The period of camp residence will be from 16 Aug 2009 to 18 Aug 2009. The programme for the workshop, according to the brochure includes:
  • Technique classes
  • Solo Lessons
  • Master Classes
  • Bass Ensembles and Orchestra
  • Faculty Concerts
  • Team Building Game
  • Student Ensemble Concert
I have enquired with the organisers and found out that the camp will be conducted mainly in English.

The web address ( to download the form does not seem to be working. Nevertheless, one can download a copy of the form from:


For enquiries on this camp, do email: [at] gmail [dot] com