Monday, 13 February 2012

Amadeus International School of Music, International Music Master Classes


Aimed at children and young adults, the International Music Master Classes organized by the Amadeus International School of Music provides the participants the opportunity to learn from revered musicians and internationally respected teachers. It also provides the participants with an intensive training environment in a pleasant, family-like atmosphere.

This year, three AMADEUS VIENNA Master classes will take place on the following dates:
- 4th to 16th April 2012
- 1st to 12th June 2012
- 27 July to 8 Aug 2012

Double bass students can be delighted to know that double bass master classes are offered in this programme. My double bass tutor told me that he has been contacted to take the class held from 1 - 12 June 2012. If I can get a sponsorship to this programme, I will gladly make time to participate.

To register or to find out more about the programme, there is a Singapore Representative Office at:
25 International Business Park
# 02-10 German Centre
Singapore 609916
Tel: +65 6562 8198

Directors: Dr. Kurt Berlin and Mag. J├╝rgen Kremb
Secretary: Mrs. Corinna Turner (

For more information, please visit

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Where to get good Bow Rehair Services and Handmade Bows?

A week ago, I realized that my double bass bow is in need of a bow rehair. I contacted one of my favourite Luthiers, and learnt that he is currently based overseas. Subsequently, he referred me to contact Bowmaker, Mr Paul S.J. Goh.

I contacted Mr Paul Goh, and subsequently sent my double bass bow to him for rehair. I am very pleased with the bow rehair. The charge for the service was reasonable too.

Mr Paul Goh is Singapore's first and only bow-maker! Through a brief conversation with Paul and a visit to his website, I learnt that he provides expert repairs, restoration and re-hairs of bows for stringed instruments. Coincidentally, I know of a friend who had just requested Paul to make a violin bow for him!

This is one resource for players of stringed instruments in Singapore to know of. For more information, please visit: