Friday, 25 June 2010

Tang Yeesoong: The violin maker and restorer

Double bass players in Singapore who need repair services for their instruments may find this post relevant. If you are starting to wonder how on earth a violin maker and restorer is being mentioned here, I ask that you please be patient and read on.

Recently, I have found out that d'Bassists' preferred Luthier, Le Diapason, is no longer accepting repair works. I learnt that "Le Diapason will be redirecting its business activities. The new focus of the business is to produce stringed instruments. The detailed work and time required on custom-made instruments make it difficult for us to continue to provide repair services without delay. In view of this, we hope you will understand that we will not be accepting repair works in the future." (Source:, date: 20 Jun 2010.)

The first question on my mind was: "Where could double bass players in Singapore get repair services when our instruments need repair?"

The answer has been found. Le Diapason's website recommended "For your instrument repair needs, you may contact Yeesoong TANG at 9103 9743 (call/SMS) or at tangys[at]red-bean[dot]com".

Yeesoong has been working for Sabo at Le Diapason from 2004 to 2010 and hence is a natural successor, providing the same professional services that you used to expect at Le Diapason.

About a year ago, I needed help to set-up a new bridge for my double bass. I was referred to Yeesoong. I like the earnest, thoughtful and reliable repair service provided by Yeesoong. He found out that the sound-post of my instrument did not quite fit and he went the extra mile to ask if I would like to change it. His professional opinion led me to decide to change the sound-post and I am still happy with the decision as the new sound-post fit my instrument well. Even after the set-up, when I requested to file the bridge to a slightly thinner thickness, Yeesoong gladly obliged. The charges are reasonable for the conscientious and dependable repair services that Yeesoong provides.

Of course, as you can see from the title of this post, Yeesoong is primarily a violin maker and restorer. He also provides repair services for other instruments of the violin family. I read from his profile that he received his training from the Chicago School of Violin Making. He also holds a Bachelor of Engineering (Hons.) from the National University of Singapore.

If you are interested in Yeesoong's services, he can be contacted at:


(Photos courtesy of Tang Yeesoong.)

Updates, Mar 2015: Yeesoong is currently not based in Singapore.

Monday, 21 June 2010

In search of the perfect bow by Jason Heath

On, Jason Heath has some useful tips on choosing a bow. This post is written for students who are learning a string instrument.

The article is titled In search of the perfect bow. In this article, one of the tips that was offered is that the student should always have your teacher try the bow. Another thing is that one must realise that the process takes time. To find out more, please read Jason's In search of the perfect bow.