Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Where to get good Bow Rehair Services and Handmade Bows?

A week ago, I realized that my double bass bow is in need of a bow rehair. I contacted one of my favourite Luthiers, and learnt that he is currently based overseas. Subsequently, he referred me to contact Bowmaker, Mr Paul S.J. Goh.

Source: http://www.singaporeviolinbow.com/
I contacted Mr Paul Goh, and subsequently sent my double bass bow to him for rehair. I am very pleased with the bow rehair. The charge for the service was reasonable too.

Mr Paul Goh is Singapore's first and only bow-maker! Through a brief conversation with Paul and a visit to his website, I learnt that he provides expert repairs, restoration and re-hairs of bows for stringed instruments. Coincidentally, I know of a friend who had just requested Paul to make a violin bow for him!

This is one resource for players of stringed instruments in Singapore to know of. For more information, please visit: http://singaporeviolinbow.blogspot.sg

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situ said...

haha... i was googling and found this :) i had a good conversation on sunday when we when reharsal together ^^