Friday, 13 September 2013

My Symphonic Hall's transport solution for the double bass players

A double bass flight case fits nicely in one of My Symphonic Hall's vehicles.
Photo courtesy of My Symphonic Hall.

Photo courtesy of My Symphonic Hall.

Dear double bass players in Singapore, I have recently found a reliable and fairly affordable solution to transport double basses. 

My Symphonic Hall has various solutions available for musicians who need help to move and transport musical instruments. Recently, I have used the transport services from My Symphonic Hall on various occasions and it has been reliable thus far. 

My Symphonic Hall's official car.
Photo courtesy of My Symphonic Hall.

My Symphonic Hall has a vehicle (a Honda Crossroad) which is big enough to fit a double bass flight case and a double bass player in the front passenger's seat! This vehicle is also good for transporting at least two double basses.

I used to have to transport a double bass flight case using a 8-seaters Maxi-cab. The transport solutions offered by My Symphonic Hall is comparatively more affordable than if I were to use a Maxi-cab. More importantly, the people at My Symphonic Hall takes pride in handling our musical instruments with care because they love music and the arts.

Admittedly, if I need to transport only one double bass, it would usually be cheaper to hire a regular taxi. The only thing is if I were to use a regular taxi, I have to take some time to manoeuvre my double bass to fit it into a regular taxi.

I learnt from My Symphonic Hall's website and Facebook Page that My Symphonic Hall also provides transport solutions to move music instruments such as bass drums, timpani, harps and more. 

A harp fits in perfectly!
Photo courtesy of My Symphonic Hall.

Like every other transport services (e.g. taxi), it helps that you could remember the following suggestions as well when you are using My Symphonic Hall's transport services:

1) Please call and make enquiries/ reservations as early as possible.
2) State your starting point and destination clearly.
3) Be punctual to meet at the agreed starting point once your reservation is confirmed.

My Symphonic Hall also offers a 14-footer vehicle as one of the transport solutions.
Photo courtesy of My Symphonic Hall.

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