Saturday, 31 March 2007

Pachelbel's Canon

28 Mar 2007:

d'Bassists met to rehearse Pachelbel's Canon in D major scored for a double bass quartet, arranged by David Heyes. PY played the first double bass part, XM the second, *em* the third, while QH provided a steady and well-grounded bassline as the fourth part.

Certain sections of the work were much more challenging than the others. We spent quite a fair bit of time going through those section until the ensemble sounded together. Counting religiously proved to be very important especially for those parts where there were syncopated rhythms and difficult shifts.

Due to the limited range, the ensemble sounded a little muffled playing the work in D major. *Em* suggested that we could play the G major version. However, the G major version involved pretty high notes, and I couldn't yet sight-read it. As such, we decided to play the D major version for our rehearsal that day so that we could know how each of the parts fit together as a ensemble. When we next meet in about one month's time, we shall attempt to play this work transposed to G major.

XM has improved a lot in his playing since our previous rehearsal a week ago. I am certain that he must have spent quite a fair bit of time practising.

Finding time to practise is one challenge that everyone in the ensemble would probably face. None of us are full-time double bass players. XM and *em* have full-time studies to juggle with, while myself and QH have full-time work responsibilities to commit to. As such, it must have taken each of us much effort to come together and find time to play as an ensemble.

After the rehearsal, we went for dinner at the nearby Munchie Monkey cafe. Dinner was good.

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