Monday, 4 June 2007

The difference between the guitar and the double bass

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"What's the difference between the guitar and the double bass?"

QH told me that this is one of the most popular questions that people would ask her during the hands-on session after the performance, Esplanade Presents: At the Concourse: Basso Bravo!.

For the benefit of our readers and friends who also have this same question to ask, here are the differences between the guitar and the double bass:

1) Double bass, unlike the guitar, has no fret. "The double bass's strings are stopped by the finger directly on the wooden fingerboard."

2) "The double bass is an acoustic instrument with a hollow body that selectively amplifies the tone of the plucked or bowed strings. In contrast, bass guitars are often made with a solid wood body, and the sound is produced by electronic amplification of the vibration of the strings, which is "sensed" by magnetic pickups that also add to the characteristic tone." (View source)

3) The strings of the double bass are generally thicker than those of the guitar.

While searching for a photo of a guitar, I thought of Daisy Rock Guitars. I wonder if I would like my double bass to be in bright colours. Coloured guitars look cool. I am not sure if I would like coloured double basses, however. Woody-looking double basses seem more lovely to me. What do you prefer?


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