Sunday, 7 October 2007

Practice Tracks on Jason Heath's Double Bass Blog

For the strings players, while practising scales, have you ever wish that someone could be playing scales on the keyboard together with you so that you could listen to how each note would sound and then pitch your notes to the correct intonation?

While practising a piece of music, have you ever hope that someone could play the same of music along with you?

Practice tracks can be a solution to the above demands. One particular site which I recommend double bass players should check out is the series of practice tracks available on Jason Health's Double Bass Blog. Jason Health's Double Bass Blog is an online resources that I would turn to for double-bass-related news and contents. I have been reading it almost every day.

You can find the links to these practice tracks right below:

Double Bass MP3 Scales
Double Bass MP3 Sonatas, Concertos, and Solos
Double Bass MP3 Orchestral Excerpts

Happy learning.

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