Saturday, 15 December 2007

Music Camp 2007

A snapshot from the Quartet Masterclass.
Photo taken by our orchestra's Publication Secretary

The Conducting Masterclass
Photo taken by our orchestra's Publication Secretary

The NUS Symphony Orchestra has had its annual music camp from 11 - 14 Dec 2007. Members of d'Bassists rehearsed works scored for the double bass ensemble during the music camp. WL is one of the newest members of d'Bassists.

On 12 Dec 2007, d'Bassists presented a double bass trio item during the Quartet Masterclass. It seemed implied that the Quartet Masterclass was more intended for strings quartet. Afterall, double bass quartets and double bass trios are comparatively less common than strings quartets.

Anyway, d'Bassists presented Tony Osborne's Blues-Styles. This time, yours truly is playing the first part, XM the second and WL the third. Mr Foo gave the trio some tips during the masterclass. Blues-Styles is written in 4/4 time. He suggested that for this work, we could practise using the metronome, and have the metronome count in twos. The tip is that instead of having the strong beats of the metronome falling on the 1st and 3rd beats, the strong beats should be falling on the 2nd and 4th beats to let the music groove. There were a few other tips. Meantime, many thanks to Mr Foo for his tips.

In the evening of 13 Dec 2007, there was a barbeque. I was absent as I have two classes to attend that evening. Neverthless, I am sure it was fun.

On 14 Dec 2007, our conductor gave a masterclass on conducting. I could not be present due to work commitments, but from the photos that were taken during the Conducting Masterclass, it seems to be interesting and enriching.

Many thanks to the executive committee of the orchestra for organising the music camp.

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