Monday, 24 August 2009

Andres Martin's


Andres Martin has recently put up a video on YouTube. The work is possibly known as "Piazzolla's Cafe, 1930". It is a guitar and double bass duet. If I had translated the Spanish words found on the description of the video correctly, it would read "Promotional video of the disc Del Flamenco al Tango".

I find this a beautiful piece of music and I particularly enjoyed listening to it during the quiet moments of the night. Enjoy!

For more information about Andres Martin, please visit his website:

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Andres Martín said...

Hello Pei Yun! Thanks for posting this here. This work is part of a suite named: "History of Tango" and has 4 movements. It is a very beautiful suite and it´s originally written for flute and guitar. Piazolla did a transcription for Violin and Guitar and it´s most played this way.

Last April, I recorded an album with my friend Jorge (guitar) in wich we play several tango pieces and a couple of flamenco ones. I hope this album can be available soon, Im exited about sharing this heartfull material with everyone...

Best Always!