Monday, 12 August 2013

An offer to help find a home for 'unwanted' double bass

Photo courtesy of SJ.
Let your unwanted double bass be transformed into a treasure in the eyes of an aspiring double bassist!

A few days ago, STOMPer, SJ, saw music instruments being disposed of outside Victoria School. This was reported in The Straits Times Stomp. The title of the article is "School throws away music instruments - even those that look new".

There are people who would love to adopt a double bass and use it wisely. If you happen to have a double bass in Singapore that you would like to dispose of, these are the possible free local platforms that you can post your intent on and find a new home for your instrument:
Gumtree Singapore (my preferred choice)
Craiglist Singapore

In addition, here is a humble service provided by d'Bassists that will be available for a trial period of a year, till Jul 2014 three months, till end Oct 2013:

If you prefer to give away your double bass for free, please contact d'Bassists and select "Donate a Double Bass" under "What's Up?" and provide your contact details. We will respond to your offer accordingly and put up a post to notify the list of interested parties who are keen to adopt a double bass. The interested parties shall follow up with you.

For anyone who is keen to adopt a double bass and give it a second life, please also contact d'Bassists and select "Adopt a Double Bass" under "What's Up?". Please indicate your full contact details and your wish to adopt a double bass. We will add your name to a database. When there is a donor, you will be contacted via email.

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