Sunday, 8 February 2015

BASSically performs Koji Kondo's Super Mario Bros (1985) Overworld/ Main Theme

BASSically, a double bass ensemble based in Singapore, performs Koji Kondo's Super Mario Bros (1985) Overworld/ Main Theme, arranged by Thomas Yao.
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Koji Kondo (b. 13 Aug 1960) is a living Japanese composer and musician best known for his scores for various video games produced by Nintendo Co. Ltd. His compositions show at least three major influences, namely Latin, jazz and classical music. His works are also highly influenced by Eastern Asian music which is predominantly melody-based with little supporting harmony.

 The “Overworld Theme” from the Nintendo Entertainment System game, “Super Mario Bros”, is commonly regarded as the main theme for the game. The melody of this theme is catchy. Even when it is looped over long periods of time, it remains enjoyable to listen to. More than two decades after its initial release, this iconic theme song continues to serve as the unforgettable accompaniment to one of the most important video games in history.


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