Friday, 30 March 2007

Celebrating our tutor's birthday

A sample of a party hat on the scroll.

10 January happens to be the birthday of our double bass tutor, Mr G. Mouzyka. This year, his birthday coincided with d'Bassists' performance at the NUS Theatrette. We invited him to the concert and did our best to make sure that he would be there to listen to us.

For those of you who have attended the concert, I hope you have enjoyed the less formal and fun-loving-nature of our "special item".

What did we do at the concert? We wore party-hats on the scrolls of each of our double basses to play a Happy Birthday song on stage for our tutor. Happy Birthday!

Fellow blogger, Eastcoastlife, attended this concert and she wrote this on one of her posts:

The double bass quartet was something new to me. This hill-billy doesn't know the double bass can 'make' wonderful music too! It was fun to see them put party hats on their double bass & play the 'Happy Birthday' song for their tutor!

Thanks Eastcoastlife for supporting the concert.

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