Friday, 30 March 2007

The origins of the name: d'Bassists

My memory probably needs some jolt. But as best as I remember, it was on 1 Nov 2006 when XM, *em*, Ian and myself met to sight-read some double bass ensemble scores.

The idea of forming a double bass ensemble probably came because we, the double bassists, wanted an avenue to perform as an ensemble and improve our ensemble-playing skills. Even though there are a lot of string quartet works around, most string quartet works aren't scored for the double bass.

It eventually seemed to be a more practical idea to form a double bass ensemble ourselves so that we can play together and train everyone in the double bass section to listen and to be sensitive to one another's playing. In addition, we can also build up the cohesiveness and team-spirit of the double bass section through practising as an ensemble.

d'Bassists isn't the first double bass ensemble that was formed in the history of the NUS Symphony Orchestra. Several years ago, there was already a double bass ensemble being formed. That double bass ensemble consisted of members namely: CF, GH, J, QH, SM and yours truly. At that time, I don't think that double bass ensemble had came up with its own name.

Double Bassists from NUS Symphony Orchestra, taken in year 2001Our "predecessors". Photo taken in year 2001.

Anyway, back to the origins of the name of d'Bassists. After the rehearsal on 1 Nov 2006, members of the quartet went for dinner at the Subway outlet nearby. Somehow, during our discussion, we arrived at the name: d'Bassists. It sounds like The Bassists, and yet it could also be a short-hand for Double Bassists.

Well, looks like meal-time can be a good time for coming up with ideas.

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