Sunday, 13 May 2007

BBQ party on 12 May 2007

When it is time to practise, practise smart.
When it is time to play, play hard!

A barbecue party was held at one of the holiday resorts in East Coast Park, Singapore, for members of the NUS Symphony Orchestra. A couple of us double bassists were there at this barbecue party of course.

Before the start of the party, it helped by taking time to enjoy the breeze and the evening scenery of East Coast Park:

The party won't be complete without the food and the barbecue. To be frank, I don't enjoy the smoke from the barbecue and I have no inclination to barbecue the food. Thank goodness, there are many nice folks who enjoy preparing and barbecuing the food. So, you would have soon figured that my role at the party was to eat the food.

Cheers to Emily's mashmallows, roasted like works of art.

Roasting mashmallows.

Buttering the prawns.

This is satay.

Good stuff: Potato salad, made by YJ using potato, eggs, onions, pepper.

Group photo of the double bassists who came for the party.

As if it was part of a ritual, a group photo was taken for remembrance. It is probably my way to show to readers that aside from practising and practising, we also do find time for recreation, and many other meaningful activities.

Special thanks to the folks who have made the BBQ party possible.

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