Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Let's rehearse

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7 May 2007. It was a Monday evening. QH and yours truly, i.e. PY, met in the evening to practise some double bass ensemble works. The challenge was that the works were mainly scored for a double bass quartets, with missing double bass parts not played, both QH and myself found it difficult to exactly hear the harmonies and chord progressions. Nevertheless, it was a pretty good session overall.

Much later in the night, XM came to join us. The works sounded more interesting and complete with three double bassists playing instead of two. I am sure that XM would agree with me that QH provides very steady rhythms and bassline. Even though QH claims that she is a semi-retiring double bassist, she is still in good shape when it comes to playing the double bass.

During our rehearsal, we did our best to articulate our parts as clearly as possible so that the melodies and the harmonies could reveal themselves to our ears. QH suggested that for the opening bars of I. Berlin's Ragtime (arranged by G. Mouzyka), the 2nd, 3rd and 4th double bass parts need to soften their volume so as to allow the 1st double bass part to sound loud and clear. We shall see how things would work out when Emily joins us for the next few rehearsals.

To end the rehearsal, XM and myself played a few double bass duets while QH listened and provided feedback.

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