Sunday, 8 July 2007

Barry Green's Inner Game of Music

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Nervousness, self doubt, and fear of failure. How does a person who is learning or playing music overcome these internal obstacles?

In Inner Game of Music authored by double bassist, Barry Green and co-authored by Timothy Gallwey, one can learn how to acknowledge and overcome these internal obstacles in order to bring a new quality to their experience and learning of music.

I have read Inner Game of Music a few years ago and I have found it an insightful and useful read. It has helped me to better deal with thoughts and feelings of self doubt and the fear of failure. Admittedly, I did find the first few chapters of this book quite technical to read. It took me quite a long time before I had managed to read through those first few chapters. However, thereafter, the rest of the chapters became more interesting to read.

Inner Game of Music also covers topics such as how one can learn in the most natural way, and to experience the joy of music. It also contains chapters on ensemble playing, and tips for music teachers.

One of the sections that I have found useful is the topic on Permission to fail leads to success. It speaks about how giving ourselves the permission to fail could help us to overcome the ill concerns that we might otherwise feel about performing a piece of music. In turn, we are left free to accomplish the task at hand. To find out more, you may wish to read this book.

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