Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Listen to Contrabass Conversations

Where in this world can a double bass enthuasiast listen to interviews with fellow double bassists like François Rabbath, Ira Gold and many more simply by sitting in front of one's computer?

There is such a place, online at http://contrabassconversations.com.

Contrabass Conversations is a project by double bassist, Jason Heath. It is a weekly 20-30 minute podcast devoted to all aspects of the double bass. Episodes will be released every Monday. In this project, Jason will do interviews with double bassists from all walks of life.

Some of these interviews offer insightful tips to double bass playing and practising, and are worth your time listening to. Even a short five-minutes listening to just one of those tips could have a significant impact in enhancing one's playing of the double bass.

For your convenience, you can listen to Contrabass Conversations right from d'Bassists official webhome. Please click accordingly on the Podcast icon on the left side-bar of this blog, and presto, you can listen to your selected track.

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