Saturday, 15 September 2007

A short coverage: Fantasie Passionée

The performance this afternoon has quite a pretty good turnout. Many thanks to the people who have came to support the performance, and the people who have made the performance possible.

The attire for today's performance was the new orchestra T-shirt.

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When the sound-check and technical rehearsal had started, the double basses and a few other instruments were still on the lorry, on their way to the performance venue. As such, I could sneak a bit of time to take a few photographs of the technical rehearsal.

The microphones were very essential for this performance. Without the microphones, the strings would have sounded overpowered by the winds in the outdoor setting.

Transporting the instruments for this performance would certainly require good planning. Take a closer peep at the photographs, and one could see that instruments like the harp, the bass drum, the timpani, and even the saxophones were used for the performance.

After the performance, I heard that a number of the members of the orchestra went for dinner at the nearby Fish & Co. restaurant. A week later, the orchestra will have a gathering at the conductor's place.


emily said...

looking good dudes! i want the new orch tee too! =)

oceanskies79 said...

No worries, I am sure that you can get your hands on one when you return.